PropertyRabbit Pest & Vermin Control

PropertyRabbit Pest & Vermin Control

Using Air Rifles from the age of 12, I have many years of Pest Control experience. Also possessing Shotguns and firearms specifically for pest control (and competitive marksmanship) you can be sure that I have the necessary experience and equipment to help.

Working together

I work with organizations (both locally and nationally) to aid in pest control and general animal management. We are currently searching for a site for the re-introduction of red squirrels to Nottinghamshire and/or Lincolnshire by way of effective grey squirrel population control and capture and release programs with the Red Squirrel Survival Trust.

The majority of our collective pest control stems from our membership of Newark & District Wildfowlers Association (NDWA), where our work with covids and rodents on our permissions is recognised by the landowners that renew their commitments to NDWA each year. However, if you would prefer to deal with just one or two individuals, this can be arranged as well.

Fully insured through the British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC) for £10 million of Public Liability Cover on an individual basis for Pest Control.

the future of pest control

With the latest attacks on General Licences, more stringent control for firearms possession, and the lack of management due to COVID, there is great pressure on farming and conservation to provide manageable and legal responses to predation and damage to the food chain. Now, more than ever all stakeholders should be thinking of future safeguards to livestock and crops in order to maintain levels of output and pricing.


DSC1 (Deer Stalking Certificate)

BPCA (British Pest Control Association) Certified

GWCT Accredited Game Shot CPSA Safety Officer

CPSA Safety Officer