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If you have reached this page you will be interested in finding out what we do and how we do it. Our primary aim in all our undertakings is a Win:Win for all parties. The result is ethically and in most cases, financially advantageous to all.

“in most cases” – It is not always about the money – because of the way that we work with vendors, purchasers, Estate Agents, Brokers, Acountants, there is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We get to know all of our clients, holistically as well as our mandatory requirements under law. This means that not all ‘solutions’ provide a financial gain, but all of our results give the outcomes needed for each client.

You know a lot about property – perhaps you should write a book?


Who are We?

RLA Accredited

A group of people that collectively have many decades of exposure to property and the highs and lows that go with it. Working together we can source, invest, finance, renovate, build lease, sell any unit that comes our way. Primarily we are a sourcer of deals. We also help property owners (sometimes at no cost) to improve their situation by giving guidance. This can and does include the area of repossession, probate, refinance and mortgages (For sake of clarity we do NOT give financial advice and do not hold any authorisations for that – we do, however, have access to ‘best of breed’ partners in all areas of finance which we can introduce if needed).

I’m very satisfied with your service and attention, keep it up.

Terry L. – Landlord

How can we help you?

Fantastic team, great people to deal with

Lindley – Tenant

DASH Accreditation
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