Dampness in your property is, without a doubt, one of the most common problems that affect property owners in the UK and if it is not taken care properly then it could cause real damage to your property. Dampness in property is caused by excess moisture occurring in the building which can be from a number factors such as a failure of a damp proof course, poor ventilation or simply poor property maintenance. Not only does the damp in your property cause structural damage it can also has the potential to cause damage to your health too.


One of the most common issues we always dealt with was tenants (especially in the Winter months), raising concerns over damp in their property. In the majority of cases it turned out to be a ‘use’ issue e.g. tenants constantly drying their clothes after washing on the radiators and not opening windows to ‘air’ the property, but in some cases it can indicate a more serious structural defect. It is important to take this seriously.

We produced a guide to condensation and how it is caused and gave this to all tenants as part of their ‘move-in’ pack of information and referred all initial enquiries to the pack for more information unless it was an obvious leak from a toilet.

You might want to think of creating your own information pack?

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