Housing policy alone is not enough to solve the UKs housing crisis whose roots are as complex as they are varied, according to architects. In a new report it points out that high quality design needs to be at the heart of the solution. Without it, well be solving one problem by storing up further challenges for the future, it says in a anew analysis report and calls for housing policy to be added to the remit of the National Infrastructure Commission and for future infrastructure schemes to include details of their impact on housing supply.

‘The Government should examine the options for freeing up under used homes by incentivising older residents to right-size and it should be made easier to build homes aimed specifically at older generations,’ the report adds.

We would like to add that an empty homes initiative would also help. When tens of thousands of homes are standing empty that could easily brought back into circulation, and examples of partnership initiatives have worked before; is there room for incentives to ease the cost of refurbishment alongside the new environmental enhancements for rental properties in 2018. There must be a way of bringing this all together?


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